In addition to routine MRIs, such as brain, cervical spine, lumbar spine, abdomen, shoulder, knees, etc., MDR has specialized software to identify organ specific abnormalities. These scans include: 


  • Breast MRI 

  • Breast MRI Biopsy

  • Prostate MRI

  • Enterography (small bowel imaging)

  • Elastography (liver imaging)

  • Spectrocopy (functional brain MRI imaging)

  • MRI Arthrograms (joint MRI imaging)

  • Cardiac MRI

  • Urogram (urinary system)

  • Fetal MRI (during pregnancy)

  • Conditional Pacemaker MRI

  • Stroke and Advanced Neurofunctional Imaging


Additional Specialty Scans:

  • INHANCE: used to visualize renal arteries in patients with compromised renal function, without contrast. Available at the North Medical and Crouse POB locations. INHANCE requires short scan times at ~15 minutes per scan.