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Below is a list of our highly skilled radiologists who provide patients
with expert readings in all specialty areas.

  • Robert Ashenburg, M.D

  • Mark Baesl, M.D.

  • Lawrence Calabrese, M.D.

  • Wilfred Carey, M.D.

  • Michael Chang, M.D.

  • Nicholas D’Ambrosio, M.D.

  • Phillip Fraccola, M.D.

  • Gary D. Leavitt, M.D.

  • Juno Lee, M.D.

  • Amy Marcinkowski, M.D.

  • Stephen P. Montgomery, M.D

  • E. Randolph Noble, M.D.

  • Srinivas Paidy, M.D.

  • Sherwin Pollock, M.D.

  • Guido Scatorchia, M.D.

  • Aaron Sharma, M.D.


  • Anne Marie Sullivan, M.D.

  • John Teixeira, M.D.

  • Nicholas Trasolini, M.D.

  • Christopher Vaughn, M.D.

  • Shain Wallis, D.O.

  • David Wang, M.D.

  • Matthew Westpfal, M.D.

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